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Cloud Team

We consist of at least: Project manager, Content Editor, Designer, Developer. Every member of Cloud Team is a Clouder and we help to deliver the great contents you see around.

The key to delivering happiness is setting expectations.

Before embarking on any project, we should have some idea what it entails and what we are getting into. We set goals to determine our routes and requirements, else we end nowhere.

Dayo Greats

Hi, I' m 'Dayo Greats and i am the Creative Executive here. Basically, I do web stuffs and whatever that means to you, that is what i do. I have both banking and legal backgrounds respectively. When i have nothing to do, I just play chess.

Mutiu Gafar

Hi, I’m Mutiu but people call me MG. I’m a freaking designer and a graduate of Fine–Art and Graphic Design with over 10years experiences around top Advertising Agency in Nigeria. When I'm less busy it’s either I’m reading or i am with my pencil drawing on canvas, easel and colours painting or I’m in action with my camera taking pictures or making some short movie or documentary. I’m “Art versatile” and designing is my hobby.

Kunle Israel

Hi, I' m Kunle Israel and I am the Project & Brand Executive here. I am a graduate of Physics and I am responsible for both brand strategy and internal and external project management.